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Post by Admin on Tue Aug 14, 2012 5:17 pm

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Move = W, A, S, D
Look = Mouse
Run = Shift or Q
Jump = Space
Crouch = C
Shoot = Left click
Scope/Zoom = F or Right-click
Change camera mode (1st person/3rd person) = V
Reload = R
Enter vehicles = E
Switch Weapon = Number keys 1~3
Use Inventory items = Number keys 7~9
Switch Loadout = Alt + Number keys 1~8
Secondary Fire = Right-click or space
Up = Space
Down = C
Menu = M
Inventory = I
Game Stats = Tab
Chat = Enter/Return
Team Chat = T
While in chat mode:
Up/Down Arrow = Scoll chat
Left/Right Arrow = Change chat mode (all, team, friends, private, clan)

You can equip secondary weapons in the knife slot and the pistol slot.
Use iron sight by pressing f or right clicking when using machine guns, it is extremely useful.

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